/peel/, n.
1. Charles Willson /wil"seuhn/, 1741-1827, and his brother James, 1749-1831, U.S. painters.
2. Norman Vincent, born 1898, U.S. Protestant clergyman and author.
3. Raphaelle /raf"ay el', -ee el', ray"fee-/, 1774-1825, and his brother Rembrandt /rem"brant/, 1778-1860, U.S. painters (sons of Charles Willson Peale).

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I [pēl]
Charles Willson (1741 - 1827), U.S. artist. He was known for his portraits of well-known Americans, including that of George Washington. His son Rembrandt (1778 - 1860) also painted portraits of well-known people, as well as historical scenes. Another son Raphaelle (1774 - 1825), also an artist, favored silhouettes and still-life paintings
Norman Vincent (1898 - 1993), U.S. clergyman. The pastor of the Marble Collegiate Reformed Church in New York City 1932 - 84, he preached "applied Christianity," that encouraged people to think positively. His books included The Art of Living (1937), The Art of Loving (1948), and The Power of Positive Thinking (1952)

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